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Linux is Best for PHP Development

Development in PHP is always a tricky road to follow, with many elements outside of your control. (Server, browser, operating systems). In this article we'll discuss the two most important things we should try to remember when developing in PHP.
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When Designing for Moblin, Think Like a Mobile User, Part 2

Software designers – particularly, those developing the user interfaces – are realizing that Moblin-based netbooks and MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) are a horse of a different color than what you’ll find a small laptop to be.
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Chrome OS: Internet Failing At PC > PC Failing At Internet

Our main focus here is to provide some analysis and context, and to think about what ChromeOS means.
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Ubuntu in Truffle Shuffle with Chrome OS

Ubuntu’s commercial sponsor Canonical revealed late yesterday that it has been working with Google on its Chrome OS platform since before Mountain View announced its game-changing plans in July this year...
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Linux 2.6.32-rc8 Released

Ok, the way things are going, this will likely be the last -rc. I wish we had more people looking at the regression list, but at some point I'm just going to have to say "ok, enough is enough..."

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Chrome OS Now Open Sourced, Gearing for 2010 Release

Though there was no formal Chrome OS release announcement made today by Google, the Mountain View, CA company did give media a sneak peek at the new Linux-based operating system while announcing that as of today, the entire Chrome OS project will be available for open source development.

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