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Wine 1.1.38 Brings Various Fixes

It's time for another bi-weekly development update of Wine. This time around there is better support for memory allocations debugging, improved MIDI support, a wide range of Direct3D fixes, OLEDB fixes, improved debugger support on x86_64, many MSI fixes, and various bug-fixes. Offered up in Wine...
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Report: What Happened to Red Hat Exchange?

Three years ago Red Hat launched an effort to sell partners open source solutions -- it didn't work out as well as they had originally planned, proof that an open source app store doesn't actually work.
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Development of Rails 3 on Schedule

The now released beta of the next generation of the Ruby on Rails framework was co-developed by more than 250 developers who submitted more than 4,000 commits...
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Apache Terminates 'Outdated' Web Server

We, and the world, move on An increasingly creaky version of the web's most popular web server has finally been retired after twelve years serving billions of pages.…...
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Microsoft Confirms New Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

The vulnerability allows a crafted website to access and read the content of arbitrary files on a PC...
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H.264 Video Codec Stays Royalty-Free for HTML5 Testers

Patent granted 5-year amnesty, Mozilla still no-likey Freetards stand down - MPEG LA has decided to slash royalties to zero for anyone wishing to use the H.264 codec for free streaming of internet video until the end of 2016.…...
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