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Suddenly the Native App is Cool Again

Cloud computing may be all the rage, but it's clear that native, client-side applications have a very long shelf-life ahead of them.
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iPhone/iPod Linux Library Hits Version 1.0

While Apple provides support for the iPod and iPhones on Mac OS X (of course) and even Windows, complete with iTunes support, they provide no such love for those wishing to use their gadgets on Linux. This has led the Linux community to reverse-engineering Apple's USB protocol for the iPod/iPhone d...
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Hands-On: Ubuntu One Music Store Will Rock in Lucid Lynx

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, has announced the official launch of the Ubuntu...
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Five Best IRC Clients for Linux

IRC is a vital part of participating in the Linux community, but choosing an IRC client can be a daunting task for new Linux users. If you're ready to start jumping into IRC, but not sure which client to start with, we've got five great clients to choose from.

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New Python Versions Released

The Python developers have released two new version of the programming language. Versions 2.6.5 and 3.1.2 are both new maintenance releases...
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JavaScript Application Framework SproutCore 1.0 Arrives

The SproutCore developers have released version 1.0 of their JavaScript-based, client-side, web application framework. The 1.0 release took around 18 months of work and involved the rewriting of over 20,000 lines of code and the addition of 6,000 unit tests...
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