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The Alexandria Project, Chap. 3: I just HATE it when that Happens

 …Sure enough, as Frank strode up the half-lit corridor in Cube City, there was Rick standing next to his cubicle, coffee cup in hand.  His face lit up as soon as he saw Frank.  “Morning, Frank,” he called out.  “Recovered from your big Saturday night yet?”  He raised his coffee...
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Opinion: Computing, Even in Linux, is All About Failure

Hardware failures, power failures, and most of all, storage media failures. Ever notice how fragile digital storage media are? Are we ever going to get digital storage media that can match plain old paper, and other analog media, for reliability and longevity?
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Oracle and Apple: This Week's Big Tech News and What it Means for Linux

The tech industry is jumping this week. On the consumer side, Apple finally took the wraps off the poorly named but interesting iPad. On the enterprise side, Oracle finally had the chance to lay claim to Sun and spell out what it's planning to do with the spoils.

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Oracle Promises MySQL, OpenOffice Autonomy

The employees of MySQL are a truly blessed people. As with Sun Microsystems before it, Oracle has vowed to leave its sales and development team independent and intact...

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Novell Beefs Software Appliance Kit

How to harden SUSE Linux Novell says that its SUSE Appliance Toolkit is ready for primetime...
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Chrome 4: King of the Web browser hill?

The latest Chrome Web browser is faster than ever, but what really matters is its new and improved feature set. read more...
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