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Review: Snap Spiffy Linux Screenshots with Shutter

Paul Ferrill introduces us to the Shutter screen grab for Linux application. Shutter offers a simple interface and a whole lot of functionality. including cursor capture, whole Web page capture, and annotations.
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OpenSSO Becomes OpenAM

This entry in the not403 blog discusses OpenSSO, a single sign-on project which Oracle acquired from Sun and has subsequently shut down. "A Norwegian company called ForgeRock has stepped up to give...
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10 Free Productivity Tools for Linux

Common wisdom says that Linux lacks applications. Fortunately, the common wisdom is dead wrong on this, especially when it comes to productivity applications. Finding the applications, though, can be a challenge — so I've put together a list of 10 great, and free, productivity apps for the Linux desktop.

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Version 1.4 of Opentaps ERP + CRM Application Released

The opentaps developers have released version 1.4 of their Apache OFBiz-based open source Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management suite. The latest release includes several new features and changes its license to AGPLv3...
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7 of the Best Free Linux Medical Imaging Software

Medical imaging is an essential, non-invasive, routine activity performed by radiographers and radiologic technologists. It is a discipline of the health profession which involves using technology to capture images of the human body.

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Notable Note Apps for Fastidious FOSS Freaks

The Linux OS offers users a variety of applications for taking notes and keeping information accessib...
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