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Hands On: Boxee Beta is Brilliant, Still Not Quite Stable

Ars takes a hands-on look at the latest beta release of Boxee, a popular media center application that is ideal for HTPCs.

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Make Firefox a Productivity Powerhouse

Spending most of your workday in Firefox? Most of us live in the Web browser for day to day work, so it's important to make it as productive as possible. With the help of a few add-ons and Web services, you can easily double your productivity in Firefox.

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Desktop Linux Market Share Will Rise, Thanks to Microsoft

Bill Gates said he would get China addicted to Windows and then "collect sometime in the next decade." Now they are indeed coming to collect, but thanks to Linux their plan could backfire, badly.

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Wine Is a Long Shot at Solving the Windows-Apps-on-Linux Problem

The open-source Wine project is less a solution and more a workaround when it comes to the issue of running Windows applications on Linux.

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Mozilla Dumps Firefox 3.7 From Schedule, Changes Dev Process

Mozilla executive Mike Beltzner told Computerworld today that the company is dropping Firefox 3.7 from its release schedule and will instead release incremental changes with its regular security updates.

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SuperGamer, 8GB of Linux-Only Gameplay

I admit, I'm one of those people who dual-boots so I can play video games. I've tried running programs like CrossOver Games in order to feed my need for fragging, but in the end, it seems I always have to install Windows to enjoy some real gaming fun.

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