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Mozilla Fears Chrome Frame, But Complaints Don't Convince

Google last month launched a new open source project called Chrome Frame, a browser plugin that brings Chrome's powerful HTML renderer and high-speed JavaScript engine to Microsoft's browser.
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NotAwesome Firefox Add-On Hides History

Enough people loved Firefox's history and bookmark searching location bar that the name "AwesomeBar" caught on. While this tool is great for productivity, its omniscience is a serious privacy concern. Don't let your boss see that you've been looking for a new career on job search Web sites.
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Linux Foundation To Take Stab At 3D Patent Issue

This week at the X Developers' Conference there was a talk surrounding OpenGL 3.x and its lack of complete support within the latest Mesa code.
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Enhance Firefox with SmarterFox

Work smarter, not harder. It's a good motto, and one that applies well to SmarterFox, an extension for Firefox that makes common tasks much easier to perform.
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Mark Shuttleworth's Radical Vision

Mark Shuttleworth delivered the closing keynote at this year's inaugural LinuxCon. He delivered an enticing vision of the future of Linux and Free software, with a catch-- it means breaking drastically from the old ways.
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New X.Org Release Process Has Been Reached

Last week we talked about a new X.Org release process proposal for improving the consistency and quality of X Server releases through taking a number of relatively simple steps.
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