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Analysis: How Moonlight 2.0 Fits into Novell's Linux and Open Source Plans

Now that Novell Inc.'s Mono open source project finally last week released the beta version of its Moonlight 2.0 code after several months of delays, what's its potential impact for Linux users and the open source community?

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Living on the Edge of Rails, Part 3

The inside look at Edge Rails rumbles on.
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42 Hot Free Linux Games (Part 3 of 3)

Linux enjoys a very large software library of games, the vast majority of which can be downloaded without any payment. Helping to identify great games is made difficult by the fact that to a large extent games are a matter of taste.

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Chromium popularity rising on Ubuntu, gains 64-bit support

In a message posted to the Chromium developer list late last week, Google software engineer Dean McNamee revealed that 64-bit compatibility had been achieved and that official builds could be coming soon. He also posted a link to a page at the Chromium wiki which provides simple compilation instructions.
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Pioneering Start-Ups Offer Choices Rivaling Google Docs

Better-known offerings like Google Docs and Zoho Writer are now spurring intense innovation among competing start-ups in the realm of Web-driven word processing environments for Linux and other OS.
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OpenSUSE Community Konfesses Love for KDE, Makes it Default

The openSUSE Linux distribution will offer KDE as its default desktop environment in future versions. This move echoes the SUSE community's historical affinity for KDE and indicates that this preference still persists among contemporary users of openSUSE..
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