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A Virtual Solution for Mobile Development

Who needs a Dell when you can have a VirtualBox?
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Chrome: Linux's Best Web browser?

The fastest Web browser on Linux, by a gigantic margin, is Chrome and now that it supports extensions, it may just be the best Web browser on Linux. 
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Open Source in 2010: Nine Predictions

Bruce Byfield, avoiding a look back at his last years' predictions, looks ahead and makes nine specific predictions about what to expect in 2010.
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More Than 10 Ways to Get FOSS Past the Boss

Jan. 4 is here at last, and not a moment too soon! 
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XKB2 Gets Cut Again, Maybe For X Server 1.9?

The end of 2009 marked the closure of the merge window for X Server 1.8, which means that HAL removal work got in, including xorg.conf.d and udev input handling. 
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What To Expect in 2010

The next twelve months will be good to Linux and Free software, but we won't capture the market just yet.
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