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Time Marches On: Mozilla Sunbird Finally Approaches 1.0

The Mozilla Project's long-awaited calendaring app is about to see 1.0. After five years of development, the project released 1.0 beta builds this week. We took Sunbird for a spin to see how it manages our time.
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Use APIs to Do Market Research

Basic product attribute questions (what's the best price, size, length, etc) are crucial elements in any product or marketing strategy, but it's often too difficult or expensive to get timely market information.
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Firefox to Reach 1 Billion Downloads Today

Mozilla's popular Firefox web browser is expected to reach its one billionth download milestone today...
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Canonical to Offer Ubuntu Desktop Support

Ubuntu is about as easy to use Linux distribution as you'll ever find. But, if you're a small business owner wouldn't it be nice to have affordable customer service for those problems that aren't easy to fix?
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Why Code For Free? Yet More Linux/FOSS Devs Speak! (part 3)

The headline says "Why Code For Free", but it's really more complicated than that because there are many FOSS developers who are paid to work on FOSS projects. In this final part of our series, more developers speak on the rewards of being part of the FOSS community.

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Emacs 23.1 Released

GNU Emacs 23.1 has been released, which includes new Unicode and font support.
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