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PySide--LGPL Python Bindings for Qt

Pyside is a new API for Python programmers who want to use Nokia's Qt framework and it's LGPL licensed and Nokia funded.
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GIMP to Go (L)GPL3

A snapshot of the unstable GIMP 2.7 has been released for developers with changes to the license and a preview of future features for GIMP 2.8.
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Rails vs. Grails vs. Helma: The JVM Web Framework Smackdown, Part 1

It's the ultimate JVM Web Framework Smackdown! Three will enter the cage. Only one will exit the victor. Will it be JRuby on Rails? Groovy on Grails? Or Helma?
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Novell Gets Closer to Silverlight With Moonlight 2

Open source Silverlight clone gets new milestone release as it races towards feature parity with Microsoft.
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LMMS: The Linux MultiMedia Studio

LMMS is music creation software similar to programs such as GarageBand for OSX and FL Studio for Windows.
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Open Source Equivalent Applications for the Average User

One of the most-often asked questions I get from new Linux users is "How do I run Windows applications?" To that my initial reply is "Why do you need to run Windows applications?" There are many reasons why ranging from "I didn't know there was an alternative" to "My company requires me to use Windows applications." Regardless of the reasons, most people are pleased to find out there are options available.
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