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Chrome 4: King of the Web browser hill?

The latest Chrome Web browser is faster than ever, but what really matters is its new and improved feature set. read more...
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Using Brasero for data backup and ISO burning

Linux users know that burning discs is an important aspect of staying on top of the game. First of all it allows you to keep solid backups of your data. Second, it's the best way to get that latest version of your favorite distribution from an FTP download site to the installation on your hard drive. Read on to learn more about using Brasero for data back up and ISO burning.

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Efficient Desktop Searching with Beagle

The ability to efficiently (and reliably) search your desktop computer for files and folders is a key aspect of the modern desktop. Without this ability, the average user (especially the ones who are organizationally-challenged) will find themselves working far more than they should to locate the files and folders they need to use. And when something gets misplaced? LOOKOUT!

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Opinion: Goofy Pro-Linux Story to Counter Pundit's Awkward Efforts to Install Firefox

Emery Fletcher muses on how a rank Linux beginner can figure out how to install the latest Firefox release, even when professional tech journalists can't.
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Is Linux too hard?

Some claim that Linux is too hard, but its difficulty stems from application developers not yet giving it the attention it arguably deserves. This may be about to change.
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Stable kernel released

Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of the kernel. There are many fixes, throughout the tree, and, as usual, 2.6.32 users are "very strongly encouraged to upgrade".
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