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Firefox Hopes to One-Up IE with Fast Graphics

Windows 7 features called Direct2D and DirectWrite will speed up Internet Explorer 9 performance. But Firefox hopes it might retool for the same benefit first.

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Chrome Extensions Gallery Opened to Developers

Google has announced that developers can now upload their extensions to Chrome's extension gallery...

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Code Reduction is Job #1

If you manage a large software organization, should code reduction be the first bullet in your 2010 strategy? 
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The 'Wisdom of Crowds' Loses Steam

The gurus said that the community would change the way the industry develops and sells software. The gurus were wrong.

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Linux Foundation's New TAB

There are many faces behind what goes on at the Linux Foundation: the officers and employees who run the day to day show, the Board of Directors who keep the ship on course, and of course, the volunteers who support, promote, and participate in the Foundation's activities.  Among that number are those that act as the voice of the people themselves.

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Proprietary Software: Still Not Doomed, Sorry

These days, I can scarcely click a mouse without running headlong into some variety of punditry regarding the imminent death of proprietary software thanks to open source.
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