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Qt 5.0 Beta 2 Released As The Final Approaches

Digia has announced the second beta release of the Qt 5.0 tool-kit as the final release is no longer too far out...

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Should There Be A Unified BSD Operating System?

There's a call for unification of the four largest *BSD operating systems in a move to create a "unified BSD" with the best features in order to better compete with GNU/Linux.

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Fourth Haiku Alpha Includes QR-Enabled Debugging

After over a year of development, the open source BeOS-inspired operating system Haiku sees a new release that brings over 1000 bug fixes and many improvements. QR codes in the debugger also make bug reporting easier...

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LLVM 3.2 Was Branched Last Night

The components making up LLVM 3.2 were all branched last night in preparation for an official release in December.

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Features Coming In for the GNOME 3.8 Desktop

While many GNOME Linux users are upset over GNOME 3.8 dropping its fallback mode, this next release of the GNOME desktop environment is set to offer a number of new features.

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Microsoft Warns of First Critical Windows 8, RT Security Flaws

Plug everything in and prepare the systems: Patch Tuesday is coming. Microsoft will release six security patches, four of them considered 'critical' for Windows 8, and Surface-ready Windows RT operating systems.

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