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First Look: Firefox 3.5 Released, Ready to "Upgrade" the Web

Mozilla has announced the official release of Firefox 3.5, the next major version of its popular open source Web browser. The new version boosts performance, introduces useful new features, and delivers strong support for emerging Web standards.
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Compiler Project Aims to Help Enterprise IT

As the world economy began tanking last fall, a small group of open source developers decided to get together to try to build a better mousetrap--in this case by using a more efficient compiler.
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Never Reboot Again with Linux and Ksplice

Linux users like to snicker at Windows users because, while they constantly need to reboot, we may need to reboot every few months. Thanks to a rapidly maturing new project, Ksplice, Linux fans may soon never need to reboot again.
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Sphinx: Queries and APIs

Now it's time to get serious and look at writing some simple code that can query a running Sphinx index and take advantage of its advanced query features.
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Tutorial: A Beginner's Guide to Free Software Programming Languages

Interested in Linux programming? Akkana Peck provides a handy guide to the best free software languages to get you started.

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Android Goes Beyond Java, Gains Native C/C++ Dev Kit

Google's open source Android operating system is maturing and beginning to attract a more diverse audience of third-party developers.
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