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The New Economic Imperative for Open Source App Dev

Finding it harder to get the resources needed to develop your business's apps?
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How Old is that Data on the Hard Drive?

The vast of amount of data being stored in this day and age, naturally leads to files sitting unused for longer and longer periods of time. A new app, agedu, can quickly tell you what data on your filesystem is lying fallow.
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A Primer to AGI: Asterisk Gateway Interface

Asterisk AGI enables an IVR developer to develop IVR structures that are sometimes, bordering on the absurd, as applications tend to become more and more complex by using AGI. However, there are some scenarios where common dialplan practices are no longer applicable, and the use of an external logic is a must.
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Social Web Browser Flock 2.5 Released

Shawn Hardin has announced the release of version 2.5 of the Flock social web browser based on Firefox 3...
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Linux and Windows on the Same Laptop with Virtual Box

In the past, the only way to have Windows and Linux coexist on a single computer was to dual boot your system. This forced you to log out and reboot every time you wanted to switch between the operating systems. Creating a Virtual Machine allows the two to coexist happily on the same laptop.

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Vim made easy: how to get your favorite IDE features in Vim

The Vim text editor is a favorite of many programmers and system administrators. Although it provides an exceptional amount of power and flexibility, it can be somewhat intimidating for new users. Programmers who transition to Vim from a conventional integrated development environment (IDE) tend to find the paradigm shift a bit disorienting.
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