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The 3.1 release is out. "The biggest single change (half a million lines of code!) and the most visible is the major revamp of on-screen graphics. Techies call it anti-aliasing - users just appreciate how much crisper graphics are on screen."
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Will Windows Software Work on Linux?

One of the reasons some people are reluctant to switch from Windows to Linux is that they are concerned they will not be able to use their Windows software.
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Libferris and SQLite--A Powerful Combination, Part 2

Let's now turn our attention to doing the opposite: exposing libferris as a relation to SQLite. You might have some data in an XML file that you need to join with data stored in Berkeley db4 or an existing SQLite database. Your first thought might be to whip up a Perl script to bring the data together.
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Micro-Frameworks: Big Things in Small Packages

Are Rails, CakePHP, Django, and Catalys too big for your taste but you still want the benefits of DRY programming? Maybe it's time to get small with micro-frameworks.
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Whatever Happened to OOXML?

Remember Office Open XML – a name chosen to be as confusingly close to OpenOffice XML as possible – better known as OOXML?
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Mozilla ponders policy change after Firefox extension battle

One of the greatest strengths of the Firefox Web browser is its powerful extension system, which gives third-party developers the ability to expand the browser's capabilities. Although this extensibility delivers a lot of value to Firefox users, it also creates some thorny problems.
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