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Four More Cool Word Processors

If you've seen one online word processor--or even a handful of them--you haven't seen them all, not by a longshot. In addition to Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and emerging competitors such as EtherPad, other online offerings you might want to try include AjaxWrite, Writeboard, picoWrite and MonkeyTeX, to name a few.

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Open Source Software and Government

Open source software is everywhere, it seems—and increasingly, in our government. This article outlines some of the advantages that open source software presents for governments worldwide, as well as some examples. Transparency To Trust Many people are distrustful of the government in this da...

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Celebrating a Decade of Apachecons

As it approaches its 10th anniversary confab in November, the Apache Software Foundation vows to spread awareness of its key role in nurturing the growth of the Web and encouraging companies to experiment with Linux.

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Canonical Unveils The Ubuntu Software Store

Beyond pushing out a new graphical boot screen just before the feature freeze went into effect for Ubuntu 9.10, Canonical released the first public version of their own app store, previously codenamed AppCenter, but now known as the Ubuntu Software Store...
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The Linux Home Office: What's In Your Cyberspace?

What does your home computer lab look like? A dedicated office, a corner of the living room, a single sleek laptop? What's in your cyberspace?

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A Guide to Linux Programming with PHP

This is the first article in a series for programming with PHP in Linux. This article will provide you with a brief introduction to the open-source PHP language and show you how to set up your Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP programming environment and code your first PHP application. Excited? Introd...

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