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Open Source You Can Use, November Edition

In this edition: two ways to browse the web, and one great way to find everything scattered across all your storage media.
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Google Opens Up its JavaScript Development Toolbox to All

Google is providing the web development community with an intriguing glimpse under the hood at some of the fundamental building blocks of the company's most popular web applications.
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Lesser Known, But Very Helpful Features in Writer

Anyone using Linux (or any operating system for that matter) should know about the office suite. This suite of tools serve as the open source equivalent to Microsoft Office and does so with ease and full functionality. Writer works very similarly to Microsoft Word.

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Mandriva Flashes its Small Aggressive Penguin

The end of year race to update product names has begun in earnest, with Mandriva becoming one of the first to launch a product with 2010 in its moniker...

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Linux for Grandma & Grandpa

Do you provide technical support for older friends and relatives? Want to make your life easier? Give them Linux.
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More Reasons Why Linux Misses The Desktop

As my colleague Alex Wolfe noted, Linux hasn't made a dent in the desktop after years in the wild. The climb looks all the steeper now that Windows 7 and new versions of Mac OS X have arrived.
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