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The Alexandria Project, Chap. 2: The Plot Thickens

The second chapter in this online cybersecurity mystery novel Frank wondered how long his phone had been buzzing.  He was about to turn it off when he saw that it was his daughter Marla calling. “Hi Kid,” he said, “Listen…”...
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Linux 2.6.33-rc5 Released

Hmm. I don't think there is anything earth-shaking here, although the i915 KMS changes might be noticeable.

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YouTube Videos With Linux: Part 3

In Part 3 of the series we will cover using voice-over audio and introduce screen capture with xvidcap. We'll end up talking about rolling it all up into a video tutorial.

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Day four of the conference opened with a keynote entitiled "Hackers at the End of the World" by Glyn Moody.

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Firefox 3.6 Brings Joy to Web Devs, Not Just Users

Mozilla's Firefox got a bit hotter today with the official release of version 3.6, a noteworthy update of the popular open source Web browser.

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Mozilla Officially Releases Firefox 3.6

Following several delays, Mozilla has officially released version 3.6 of its open source Firefox web browser. In addition to the usual bug fixes, the major update includes a number of new features, such as built-in Personas support and support for the Web Open Font Format...

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