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Get Ready for PHP 6

PHP 6, the next major revision of the popular Web application development language, looms on the horizon and promises many changes. Learn what's new and what's obsolete and how to prepare your code for tomorrow.
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Mozilla Denies New Firefox Bug is Security Risk

Mozilla is denying that a bug that crashes Firefox 3.5 is a security flaw, countering earlier reports that the company's latest browser contained a vulnerability, even though it had just been patched.
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Linux Kernel To Get Microsoft Code

In a surprise announcement, Microsoft has contributed 20,000 lines of device driver code to the Linux kernel.

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The Project

Scott Shawcroft has announced the project.
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How They Built it: The Software of Apollo 11

It was primitive, using coded punch cards and running on computers that are low-power compared to what we use today, but it worked and took humans to the Moon and back.

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Exploring Advanced Math with Maxima

When I took Calculus in college, my Professor would give us substantial partial credit for test problems that we got wrong for minor arithmetic errors, and rightfully so, too. Sometimes even simple-sounding problems resulted in a full page, or more, of calculations.
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