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GNOME 3.0 May Not Come Until September 2010

Back in July of 2008 we learned of GNOME 3.0 as plans were laid out during the GUADEC '08 conference to make the GNOME 2.30 release their "3.0" version.
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5 Reasons Why Ubuntu 9.10 is Better than Windows 7

The newest desktop Linux vs. the newest Windows and the winner is...
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October 2009 Browser Stats: Firefox Finally Passes IE6

Web developers have waited for what seems like ages for this month to come along.
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Linux 2.6.32-rc6 Released

It's been over two weeks since -rc5, partly because of a very quiet week there due to lots of kernel people (including me) being in Tokyo for the annual kernel summit, but also partly because we had an annoying problem with ext4 filesystem corruption after unclean shutdowns.
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OpenOffice: Go Open Core

Oracle's acquisition of Sun is still grinding along, but while the gears are still turning I'd like to throw in a request: Make OpenOffice an open-core product. Keep the main program free, but charge for the useful bonuses.
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Hands on: Firefox 3.6 Beta Supports Personas, Fullscreen Video

Mozilla announced the availability of the first Firefox 3.6 beta last week. Firefox 3.6, codenamed Namoroka, is an incremental update that introduces a handful of new features, enhanced performance, and some noteworthy improvements to web standards support.
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