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Multimedia in Linux - Video and Audio Players

With Linux making huge strides on desktops, the biggest proof is in the media capabilities of Linux. With a couple of applications, your Linux box can now play any media format you throw at it. And with MythTV, you can convert your computer into a Tivo!

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Power Saving with Linux

Regardless of the state of the economy, price of electricity, or proximity to Earth Day, saving power is always a good idea. Recent advances in the kernel have brought energy-saving to a new level for Linux systems, enabling better control over power usage at the processor and on the motherboard. Other tools allow you to audit which applications wake up the processor unnecessarily, so you can tune your system accordingly.

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Open Source Telephony with Asterisk

Most people think of Voice over IP (VoIP) in reference to software phones like those used by the popular Skype service, but the term encompasses any technology that lets people speak in real time across the Internet, including softphones on the low end and full replacements for multi-line office telephone systems featuring voice mail, intercom, and conference calling on the high end.

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Firefox 3 for Linux -Part 1 How to Install Firefox 3

Desktop Linux News claims over 50% of it's readers use Firefox browser on their Linux machines. Obviously, this isn't a scientific poll, but it does reflect the popularity of Firefox. Read more to find out why Firefox is so popular, and how you can get it for your Linux system.
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Libferris and SQLite--A Powerful Combination, Part 1

The libferris virtual filesystem allows you to mount things that are not normally thought of as filesystems. Examples include XML files, Berkeley db4 ISAM files, relational databases, system log files, as well as applications like Firefox, Evolution, XWindow, emacs, and Amarok.
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Architecture + Testing

SyncEvolution comes with a CPPUnit based test suite. The "client-test" test runner executes the tests, which consist of both traditional unit tests as well as integration tests. Compilation determines which tests are available. See the HACKING document for details. This page...
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