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Go Local, Be Global: Scaling the Mozilla Localization Community

Remember that “Think Globally, Act Locally” bumper sticker you’ve seen on hybrids and VW buses? The folks over at Mozilla have really taken the message to heart, and it’s worked out quite well for them — the next version of their Firefox browser is slated to ship over 70 localizations...
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Creating Queries in Base

Queries are the database equivalent of filters in a spreadsheet. Just as a filter can limit and reorganize the information displayed in a spreadsheet, so a query limits and reorganizes the information in a database.
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Eclipse 3.5 RC4 Released

The Eclipse developers have announced the availability of the fourth and final release candidate for Eclipse 3.5...
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Mozilla: 7-Years Old and as Idealistic as Ever

March 31, 1999, Jamie Zawinski penned the obituary for Mozilla, developer of the Firefox Web browser.
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Google Debuts Chrome for Mac, Linux

Google has started taking Chrome beyond Windows with new versions for Mac OS X and Linux, but don't try to use them, the company warns.
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Why Linux is Ready for the Desktop Today

Over the years, the question “is Linux ready for the desktop” has been raised time and time again, and countless articles have been written about the strengths and weaknesses of this operating system.
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