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10 of the Best Free Linux Web Browsers

A web browser is the quintessential desktop application. Everyone needs one, and there is not a desktop Linux distribution around that does not make a web browser available.

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Creating a Maven-Based Development Environment on Linux

Maven is quickly becoming the de facto standard for Java project builds, as more developers realize its benefits and choose to migrate from Ant.
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The Time Is Now: Cross-platform Competitors to Microsoft Office

Purely coincidentally or not, while Microsoft grapples with big legal issues around the Windows-specific MS Office, household names like IBM, Intel, and Sun are particularly busy these days beefing up software for rival office productivity suites that run across Linux, Windows, and OS.

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Making Linux Binaries Simple: Automate 'Em

If Linux doesn't change its attitude about prepackaged binary (read: closed source) software anytime soon, here's a suggestion: a generic software deployment system for Linux binaries.
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Sharing Linux

Want to meet fellow Linux fans? Then, you're in luck because chances are there's a Linux get-together somewhere in your neighborhood.
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Google Irks Android Developers with Cyanogen Move

Google has created uproar among Android developers by calling out a so-called modder for creating a firmware modification known as CyanogenMod that bundles some of Google's proprietary applications.
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