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Linux Distros Upbeat, Wary of Google's New Chrome OS

Google's new Linux OS is being greeted with both concern and optimism from existing players in the market.
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Kernel Log: Progress with Free Graphics Drivers, Three New Stable Kernels

A new version of the nv driver supports later NVIDIA GPUs; 3D drivers for later Radeon GPUs make progress; the kernel developers have issued new stable kernels and no longer support the 2.6.29 series...
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Google's Native Client Security Contest Found (Minor) Flaws

Google is working on an experimental project called Native Client (NaCl) that aims to provide support for securely executing native code in Web browsers.
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The Newest Linux: Chrome OS

Google has announced the next battle in the war for operating system dominance has begun. And Linux will be their weapon of choice.

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Java Vital To Top 50 Enterprise Software Vendors

ERP, supply chain management, human capital management and CRM -- grew between 4 percent and 9 percent in 2008 says report.
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Google Chromium Gains Native Theming Support on Linux

Chromium, the open source development version of Google's Chrome web browser, recently gained support for native theming on the Linux platform.
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