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Open Source Word Processors Give You Lots of Free Choices, Part 1

With interest heating up around Linux on netbooks, notebooks and desktop PCs, more and more people are hunting for good word processing software that runs on Linux. Luckily, while a lot of word processing options for Linux have fallen by the wayside, new ones keep springing up, too. Meanwhile, some of the older standbys are picking up features that rival those of Microsoft Word.

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A Linux Security Story

Linux doesn't have perfect security. Nothing does. But, how it handles its security problems is a big reason why it does so much better than Windows. Here's an example.
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Watch Your Back(ground)

They say that beauty is only skin deep — if that is true, then Linux has a good shot at Miss World, as its available skins are many and varied indeed.
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Intel Claims No. 2 Linux Contributor Spot as Hedge Against Microsoft

In 2007 Red Hat stood on top of the Linux kernel contributor list with room to spare.
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Why GNOME Do Is Built With C#

With all the recent heat generated about Mono and the C# language, it only seems appropriate to take a look at the issue from a programmer's perspective. David Siegel talks about how he came to choose C# for writing GNOME Do.

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Share Firefox Add-ons with Collector

Ever had problems finding Firefox extensions? Want to tell the world about the extensions you find most useful? Now you can, using the Firefox Add-on Collector.
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