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Computer Vision Library ccv Reaches 0.1 Milestone

Designed to be a "modern computer vision library" and a "drop-in statically linked" alternative to other libraries and frameworks, ccv has, after two years, reached the milestone of its 0.1 release...

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Glibc 2.16 Supports the x32 ABI

Among the new features of the GNU C Library (Glibc) 2.16, which has just been released by the developers, is support for the x32 ABI; the Linux kernel has offered this interface since version 3.4...

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Zorin OS 6 Business Edition Released

Zorin OS group has released Zorin OS Business edition aimed at small and medium sized business organizations.

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Gnome 3.6 Will Get Power Off Button

Gnome 3.6 will bring back the power-off or shutdown option as default in the Gnome Shell user menu.

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Gummiboot is an EFI Boot Loader That "Just Works"

Red Hat employees Kay Sievers and Harald Hoyer have announced a new EFI-only boot loader for Linux systems. The tool needs no configuration file and is completely user space independent...

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GRUB Bootloader Finally Reaches Version 2.00

After nearly ten years of work and various 1.9x pre-releases, the GRUB development team has finally released version 2.00 of the Grand Unified Bootloader...

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