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Linux Garden Gets a New GNOME with Version 2.28

The developers behind the open source GNOME desktop environment have announced the official release of version 2.28. This version brings a handful of noteworthy improvements such as a new Bluetooth configuration tool and user interface refinements in numerous applications..
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Moving Up The Rings

Many things have rings: mobile phones have incredibly annoying ones, jewelers have incredibly expensive ones, and Hell — at least according to Dante — has incredibly detailed ones.
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Here A Beta, There A Beta

Over the last week I've been either tracking or actively beta-testing several open source projects which are worth a quick rundown here.
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Linux via the Internet with allows users with broadband internet connections to start a variety of Linux distributions from the internet...
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Torvalds Warns Linux Is Getting Bloated

Linux creator says his job has gotten easier as development process has improved but more work needs to be done to improve Linux and reduce bloat.
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Linux And The 'B' Word: Bloat

If Linus Torvalds himself is saying that the Linux kernel is bloated, something's wrong. Or is it just a matter of expectations and perspective?
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