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Sophisticated Picture Taking With gPhoto

 Every time a shot was taken, it magically appeared on the director's monitor.  How do they do that?
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Windows Donations to Schools and Libraries: Charity or Tyranny?

There are many ways to celebrate software freedom, such as by choosing to use Linux in your daily life.
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Sculpting Sound with Boodler 2.0

Boodler is a cross-platform audio tool with which you can construct and play back sound streams composed in a simple, Python-based syntax. Boodler uses "soundscape" to describe these creations, a term which is usually associated with re-creating naturalistic audio environments.

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Switching to Linux: A Windows Developer’s View

A few weeks ago, I switched my development environment from Windows to Linux, on a project which was developed so far on Windows only.

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The State Of Linux Desktop Functionality

For years technology fans have been fighting over one of the most foolish mottos ever mentioned by the Linux community: “the year of the Linux desktop.”

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Mozilla Picks Up Firefox Development Pace with 'Sprint' Updates

Mozilla has switched to a quick-paced "sprint" cycle for Firefox that it hopes will bring new features to users faster, the company's browser architect said today.
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