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Linux 2.6.31-rc3 Released

As I mentioned last time, I really wish things would calm down. And to _some_ degree they have. In other areas? Not so much.
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Best Practices for Troubleshooting Mobile Software

During software projects, you often have to eat some bugs. Just try not to chew on them.
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How Does Ubuntu 9.04 Measure Up to Mac OS X?

Bypassing Windows altogether, Mark Shuttleworth has stated that OS X is the operating system to beat. With Ubuntu's 9.04 now in wide distribution, we look at how it stacks up with the competition.
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LPC: Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces Microconference

The Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) has announced the lineup for the "Kernel/Userspace/User Interfaces" microconference.
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Shuttleworth About GNOME 3.0

In the last few years Ubuntu has emerged as the dominant force in the Linux Deskop field. The distribution is heavily associated with one name: Mark Shuttleworth is not only founder an current boss of Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, he has also been providing the financial resources without which Ubuntu in its current form would not exist.
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Getting Things Done with Linux To-Do List Programs

I've found that maintaining a proper to-do list consistently boosts my productivity. The challenge, however, is finding task management software that fits with my workflow.
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