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Eclipse Release Train Leaves the Station, Delivers Galileo

The Eclipse project's annual release extravaganza is occurring today.
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Building Small Sites with Webby

Webby is ideal for a content archive, a small business or governmental website, and even small catalogs that link to PayPal for commerce. Here, learn how to use Webby to create a site fast.
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Using the Synaptic Package Manager to Ease Installations

On Debian based systems, or any that use Synaptic for package management, you can use Synaptic to help you setup multiple systems with the same software.
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Thunderbird Fixes Vulnerabilities

The Mozilla developers have announced the release of Thunderbird, fixing several security vulnerabilities in the open source email client...
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Better Blogging with Firefox Add-ons

Blogging and twittering are reaching an all-time high in popularity. Whether you do one or the other you should know there are Firefox add-ons that can make this process a much simpler process. And when you are blogging and tweeting to multiple accounts, anything that can make the process easier is a boon.

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Easily Run Windows Apps on Linux with CrossOver Linux 8

You've long been able to use many Windows applications on desktop Linux... if you knew what you were doing.
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