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IE Market Share Plummeting! (Or Is It?)

Microsoft's Internet Explorer's market share is absolutely falling. The question is, by how much? 
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HTML 5 Drops Open-source Video Codec

HTML 5 will no longer specify Ogg Theora as its video codec, the Google employee who maintains the burgeoning web-coding standard has announced.
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Debian Developer Clarifies Mono Position

The Debian position on Mono is clarified by Alexander Reichle-Schmehl, who responded to Richard Stallman's call to arms against Linux distributions "relying" on Mono...
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Decoding the HTML 5 Video Codec Debate

The increasingly competitive browser market has at last created an environment in which emerging Web standards can flourish.
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Linux 2.6.31-rc2 Released

It's out there. Larger than I'd like, but the bulk of the changes are due to some late arch updates (MIPS, and powerpc documentation).
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Milepost GCC Released

IBM has announced the release of Milepost GCC, an extension to the GCC compiler which uses machine learning techniques to improve application performance on embedded processors.
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