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The Linux Pico Editor

Simple, efficient, and easy-to-use is our focus today as we take a closer look at the CLI-based Pico text editor and it's Linux successor, the GNU Nano text editor.
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Sphinx: Getting Practical

A continuing look at putting the Sphinx search engine to use.
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Mozilla Unveils Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate

Saying that it still plans to launch Firefox 3.5 by the end of the month, Mozilla late Friday issued the new browser's first release candidate, the most stable and polished build so far in what has been a year-long development process.
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GNOME Shell Plans Outlined

Red Hat developer Owen Taylor has been working on GNOME for over a decade. Best known for his work on GTK+ and Pango, he has also served on the project's board of directors. Since last fall, he has been heading development on the GNOME Shell, a replacement for the current panel and window manager that is scheduled to be the cornerstone of GNOME 3.0 in 2010. Recently, he took the time to talk about the origins of GNOME Shell, its advantages, and where it might be heading.

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The Conkeror Web Browser Conquers Small Screens

Conkeror is a Web browser with an Emacs-style look, feel, and configuration.
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Adobe Insists Flash Will Survive HTML 5

Google insists open Web standards will win the day, but Adobe Flash remains the de facto platform for rich Internet applications.
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