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Extending Claws Mail with Plug-Ins and Filters

Recently I introduced the community to a very powerful email client, Claws Mail. This client is a tool that should make both new users and power users at home. But if the basic functionality isn't enough, you can extend the Claws Mail feature set with the help of plug-ins and filters.
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Mozilla Denies It Will 'Ribbonize' Firefox

Mozilla today denied that it will "ribbonize" upcoming Windows versions of Firefox, saying its plans to eliminate the traditional menu bar will yield something much simpler than Microsoft's often-derided user interface.
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10 of the Best Free Linux Web Browsers

A web browser is the quintessential desktop application. Everyone needs one, and there is not a desktop Linux distribution around that does not make a web browser available.

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Creating a Maven-Based Development Environment on Linux

Maven is quickly becoming the de facto standard for Java project builds, as more developers realize its benefits and choose to migrate from Ant.
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The Time Is Now: Cross-platform Competitors to Microsoft Office

Purely coincidentally or not, while Microsoft grapples with big legal issues around the Windows-specific MS Office, household names like IBM, Intel, and Sun are particularly busy these days beefing up software for rival office productivity suites that run across Linux, Windows, and OS.

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Making Linux Binaries Simple: Automate 'Em

If Linux doesn't change its attitude about prepackaged binary (read: closed source) software anytime soon, here's a suggestion: a generic software deployment system for Linux binaries.
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