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Maybe Software Services Could Harm Free Software After All...

Opening dispatch from OSCon: another look at the effects of Software as a Service on opens source plus awards, APIs, and more.
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Ubuntu to Make Linux Application Installation Idiot Proof

Installing applications on Linux isn't really that hard, but it is different from how it's handled on both Windows and Macs. Now, Ubuntu is working on a newbie-proof way for users to install Linux programs.
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Microsoft Opened Linux-Driver Code After 'Violating' GPL

Microsoft was in violation of the GPL (General Public License) on the Hyper-V code it released to open source this week.

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Victory! Murky Mono Legal Issues Settled. Or Are They?

Many a vigorous debate has been fought over any possible legal threats that might be inherent in Mono. Now that Microsoft has extended its Community Promise to cover select parts of the C# programming language, which is what Mono is built on, it is being hailed as evidence that Mono is safe.
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The LiVES Video Editor and VJ Tool Turns 1.0

LiVES is a video editing and VJ tool for Linux and BSD systems and today it celebrates its version 1.0 birthday.
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NASA Takes Open Source into Space

Open-source software has been making inroads into U.S. federal agencies for years...
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