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GNOME Shell Plans Outlined

Red Hat developer Owen Taylor has been working on GNOME for over a decade. Best known for his work on GTK+ and Pango, he has also served on the project's board of directors. Since last fall, he has been heading development on the GNOME Shell, a replacement for the current panel and window manager that is scheduled to be the cornerstone of GNOME 3.0 in 2010. Recently, he took the time to talk about the origins of GNOME Shell, its advantages, and where it might be heading.

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The Conkeror Web Browser Conquers Small Screens

Conkeror is a Web browser with an Emacs-style look, feel, and configuration.
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Adobe Insists Flash Will Survive HTML 5

Google insists open Web standards will win the day, but Adobe Flash remains the de facto platform for rich Internet applications.
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Lotus Symphony Now Reads Office 2007 Documents

IBM today announced the release of Lotus Symphony 1.3... that for the first time lets users import files saved in Microsoft Office 2007's native Office Open XML (OOXML) document format.
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Having Yum for Breakfast

In this wide world of Linux, there are primarily just two package management systems which reign: RPM and Deb. Most binary distributions use one or the other and there has long been tension between the two. So which system performs better?
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Learn SQL

It's easier than ever to learn SQL. More precisely, it's easier than ever to start to learn SQL.

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