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Best of Open Source Software Awards 2009

If you think you can easily whittle down the best open source software to a manageable number, you'll soon discover that you can't do it without a great deal of hair pulling, nail biting, and gnashing of teeth.

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Top 7 Xfce Applications

In this article I will overview seven essential applications for the Xfce desktop environment, including screenshots, most popular features, strong and weak points.

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Accessing SQLite in C

In my last article I wrote about accessing a PostgreSQL database in C/C++. In this article, I'm going to discuss performing the same functions in C against an SQLite database.
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Firefox 4.0 Goes Chrome, Will Arrive with New UI in Q4 2010

Mozilla recently updated its product roadmap through 2010. According to the first draft, the current browser will see a minor update in Q4 2009 as well as Q2 2010.

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Six of the Best Free Linux Family History Software

Family history (or genealogy) software is computer software used to record, organise and publish genealogical data.

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The Easiest Operating System to Update Is...

Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows, which is the easiest to update? The answer may surprise you.
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