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A Feisty Linux Company That Wants to Take on Android

Canonical is a 650-employee software company best known for its version of the Linux operating system. Now its rich-and-famous, daredevil founder, Mark Shuttleworth, is trying to re-create Canonical into the next Apple, knocking Google Android out along the way.

Shuttleworth made his money in 1999 when he sold his first company, Thawte, to VeriSign for a reported $570 million. He gained worldwide fame 2002 when he paid to fly into space with the Russian cosmonauts. (Rumor is, it cost him $20 million.)

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Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Announced Next Month

The Khronos Group has shared details about their BoF sessions to be hosted next month during SIGGRAPH and it includes detailing the next-generation OpenGL / OpenGL ES specifications...

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Distribution Release: Zorin OS 9

Artyom Zorin has announced the release of Zorin OS 9, a new version of the Ubuntu-based user-friendly distribution designed for newcomers to Linux.

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Wine 1.7.22 (Development Version) Released – Install in RedHat and Debian Based Systems

Wine, a most popular and powerful open source application for Linux, that used to run Windows based applications and games on Linux Platform without any trouble.

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CentOS 7 Comes on the Heels of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

CentOS provides similar technologies to RHEL 7, but is a free alternative for those who don't need the added enterprise-grade commercial services.

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Debian 7.6 Release Takes Care Of Security Problems

Debian 7.6 was released this weekend as the latest "Wheezy" release to mainly address security problems and other important bug fixes...

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