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File-Encrypting Ransomware Starts Targeting Linux Web Servers

Ransomware authors are expanding their pool of victims by adding Linux systems to the mix.

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​Linus Torvalds vs. the Internet Security Pros

A recent Washington Post article entitled "Net of Insecurity" re-bundled old FUD about Linux and the internet's security.

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Features Published So Far In The Linux 4.4 Kernel

We're half-way through the Linux 4.4 kernel merge window so here's a recap of the features that have made it thus far for this next open-source kernel cycle...

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Google is Giving Away a Big Part of Its Machine Learning Software

Google has just announced that it's open sourcing TensorFlow under the Apache 2 license. That awfully nerdy sentence means that part of the software that Google uses to power its machine learning systems — the stuff that can translate words on a sign with your camera or learn what a cat...

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All The Systemd 2015 Conference Slides/Videos Now Available

Systemd.conf, the inaugural systemd conference for developers, has successfully concluded in Berlin...

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Manjaro 15.09 (Bellatrix) Gets MATE 1.12 and Latest Linux Kernel 4.3

Manjaro developers have just announced that the sixth update for Manjaro 15.09 (Bellatrix) has arrived, and it’s a glorious one. The bulk of the new update covers the release of the MATE 1.12 desktop environment, and since Arch Linux got the new version just hours after the official launch, the...

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