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Docker Comes to openSUSE

Docker's container take on virtualization keeps getting more and more popular as openSUSE adopts it for use.

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Linux 3.16 Release: ARMed and Ready

Katherine Noyes presents three key features in Linux 3.16, the latest in the series known as "Shuffling Zombie Juror."

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FSF Talks Up Libreboot As New Coreboot Downstream

Libreboot is a de-blobbed version of Coreboot designed to run on the Free Software Foundation's first endorsed laptop...

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Oracle Delivers Solaris 11.2 with OpenStack, Integrated SDN Features

 Just before summer began, Oracle unveiled the beta version of Solaris 11.2, which is only the second point release of Solaris since version 11 of the platform appeared in 2011. 

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The FBI is Tracking Tor Users With Spyware and a New Kind of Warrant

Tor has been a thorn in the side of law enforcement for years now, but new work from Wired's Kevin Poulsen shows the FBI has found a new way to track users across the network. Poulsen looks at the 2012 case of Aaron McGrath, who agents found hosting child pornography...

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DMA-BUF Cross-Device Synchronization Hits Linux 3.17

The work that was ongoing for months to provide DMA-BUF cross-device synchronization and fencing is finally landing with the Linux 3.17 kernel...

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