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6 Linux Apps to Watch For in 2015

There are some outstanding projects on the horizon that could easily bring the Linux desktop into a realm of relevancy it has yet to enjoy.

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Linux Kernel 3.12.36 LTS Officially Released

The latest version of the stable Linux kernel, 3.12.36, has been announced by Jiri Slaby and it has arrived with a fair number of changes and improvements. Even if this is a very old branch, the kernel developers are still releasing updates for it and here is no sign that...

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​Facebook Open Sources AI Tools, Possibly Turbo Charges Deep Learning

The plain English takeaway is that faster training of neural networks will now be widely available via open source project Torch.

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Ubuntu Devs Are Talking Whether to Let Software Update Delete Old Kernels

One of the problems on Ubuntu platforms is that the Software Update tool doesn't remove the old kernels after an upgrade, but the Ubuntu devs are now talking whether their tool should be used to perform this kind of cleaning.

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Black Lab Linux KDE 6.0 Arrives with a Refreshing Desktop

Black Lab Linux, a distribution based on Kubuntu and that uses one of the latest KDE packages, has been upgraded for version 6.0 and is now available for download. Users might associate the name of Black Lab Linux with a GNOME desktop, but the developer also had a KDE edition...

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Linux vs. BSD: Which Should You Use?

MakeUseOf: Both operating systems are open source and Unix-like, so a lot of the same programs and utilities run on both of them.

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