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KDE's Plasma 5 Has Big Plans For 2015

KDE's Sebastian Kügler has written a lengthy blog post about some of the items that developers will hopefully accomplish in 2015 for Plasma 5...

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Distribution Release: Pisi Linux 1.1

Pisi Linux is an independent distribution built by many of the former developers of Pardus Linux - complete with custom package management and system installer, as well as several home-made utilities. 

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KDE Developer Aaron Seigo Joins Kolab Systems

Aaron Seigo is a seasoned open source developer who leads the Plasma team at KDE.  He recently joined Kolab Systems, and we talked to him as well as Kolab CEO Georg Greve to understand what Kolab does and how Aaron, a KDE developer, will help the company.

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OpenBSD 5.6 Replaces OpenSSL with LibreSSL

The new SSL/TLS library aims to capitalize on post-Heartbleed dissatisfaction with OpenSSL. Whether it's as true a plug-in replacement as it claims to be is yet to be determined.

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The Latest Ubuntu Images Arrive on Google Cloud Platform

Canonical, working with Google, has announced that it is launching the public beta of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 12.04 LTS and 14.10 on Google Cloud Platform.

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HTML5 Gets Promoted to a Standard

It's official: The new web arrives...

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