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IT security isn't what it used to be. With open questions around cloud computing and the increasing volume of data in enterprise, IT managers are faced with a whole host of new challenges. This month's Technology Feature will focus on today's IT security challenges and potential strategies to address them. We'll take a look at what SysAdmins are doing to minimize threats in today's constantly changing environment and will cover security as it relates to cloud computing, integration, interoperability and identify management. We'll also share some SysAdmin stories from the front lines.

Top Five Linux Deployment Mistakes

The days when Linux is an unknown quantity in a business are largely over — but that doesn't mean that every organization has tons of experience deploying Linux. Even if your organization has deployed Linux before, there are some common mistakes to be aware of. Here's five things you need to watch for when planning a new Linux deployment.

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The Case for Single Sign-On

If you asked system administrators what their favorite part of the job was, very few would put user administration in their top 10. But in many organizations, it's something that occupies a lot of time on the part of the IT department. If this is taking up an inordinate amount of time, the organization should consider single sign-on (SSO) to reduce the complexity and hassles of user management.

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System Administrators Gone Wild

We're all concerned about security, but where to focus attention is the challenge. While most of the attention is focused on inbound attacks, we also need to worry about internal attacks and misuse of access.

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The Root of All Password Evils: Say No to Shared Passwords

One password to rule them all — aside from the fun Tolkienesque overtones, sharing a root password among admin staff to perform system administration is just a bad idea. Like the One Ring, a single root password can lead to serious problems.

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Authentication in a Changing Heterogeneous Environment

Tools, it should be noted, change. If they did not, as a rule, then very likely we would still be using stone knives and bearskins instead of working with these fancy computational devices made of metal, plastic, and sand. Or worse, doing all our authentication against NIS in enterprise environments.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Pain: IT Security in the Cloud

The promise of cloud computing is very compelling. Just listen to the pitch for hybrid clouds: “If your organization needs more computing resources, why purchase extra hardware? Just set up a connection to a public cloud, use the extra machines to your heart’s content, and stop using them when your needs are satisfied.”

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