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1. Weekend Project: Linux Distros You Never Heard Of
(Learn Linux/Linux Documentation)
... teachers, and the ROSA Sputnik infotainment system for vehicles. Automotive Linux is growing like crazy, so why not get a preview? Cinnarch A number of Arch Linux-based distros are materializing, ...
2. 6 Linux Distros Born in 2012
... 4.8 desktop. Code-named “Amethyst,” the software is now offered as a free download on Sourceforge. 3. Cinnarch Then, too, there's Cinnarch, a distro that aims to provide “a modern, elegant and powerful ...
3. Distribution Release: Cinnarch 2012.11.22
(DistributionCentral/Distribution News)
Alex Filgueira has announced the release of an updated version of Cinnarch, an Arch-based Linux distribution with Mint's Cinnamon as the default desktop interface: "Here it is, a new release of Cinnarch. ...
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