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1. Manage Linux Downloads with wget
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... of a bummer if they're 75% of the way (or 98%) through downloading a 3.6GB ISO for the latest Fedora or openSUSE DVD. It's also inconvenient when I want to download a file on a server. For ...
2. Eight Must-Have Apps for Linux
Linux comes in all shapes and sizes...from the full-blown app-heavy distros like Fedora and Ubuntu, to the lean and mean distros such as Puppy and Damn Small Linux. Whatever the size of the distribution, ...
3. Installing Virtual Machines in VMWare
... it is not seen by VMWare, click the Rescan Disk button. Select the operating system for your virtual machine (for the purposes of this tutorial, we will use Fedora 12 Linux, for which will will have to ...
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... notes 7.2. Post-installation notes 8. Installing DB2 Express-C on Fedora Core 6 8.1. Installation notes 8.2. Post-installation notes 9. Installing DB2 Express-C on Fedora 7 9.1. Installation ...
5. DVD-Playback-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... Creating the /dev/dvd symlink 2.3. Setting the DVD Region 2.4. X Video Overlay 2.5. Enabling DMA 3. Software Installation 3.1. Red Hat / Fedora 3.2. Debian 3.3. Slackware 3.4. Mandrake 3.5. ...
Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO Eric Steven Raymond Thyrsus Enterprises Revision History Revision 5.1 2006-03-25 Revised by: esr Simplified and corrected some FC5 instructions.  ...
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... on a RedHat 7.X distribution. Oracle-9i-Fedora-3-Install-HOWTO, Oracle 9i under Fedora Core 3 - Installation HOWTO Updated: Jun 2005. Describes how to install Oracle 9i on Fedora Core 3 or greater.  ...
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... lvm 2. Currently, this is the list of mkinitrd scripts that I know support lvm2, sorted by distro: mkinitrd scripts with lvm 2 support fedora The latest fedora core 2 mkinitrd handles lvm2, ...
9. Linux Documentation Project
(Learn Linux/Linux Documentation)
... FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO Updated: Apr 2009. Covers the installation and use of the most popular amateur packet-radio BBS software FBB. Fedora-Multimedia-Installation-HOWTO, Fedora Multimedia ...
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