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1. My apologies
(CommunityAnswers / Systems Management)
2. In Memoriam of Seth Vidal
(Featured Blogs/Konstantin Ryabitsev)
... again.   I left Duke in 2005, exchanging the stars-and-stripes for the maple leaf. While we remained in close touch, sharing IRC channels just wasn’t the same as working together under one roof. ...
... terms of turning the tide, I think the bigger problem is that not enough technical people understand, either. Why is Google Now proprietary? Why do so many people use Mathematica, Matlab, Maple, etc., ...
4. 4G Base-Station on a Chip Runs Linux
(Embedded / Mobile/Mobile Linux)
... -- or dual cores for the PSC9132 picocell model -- as well as one or two Freescale StarCore DSP cores, a Maple baseband... Freescale Semiconductor announced a Linux-ready system-on-chip family for ...
... customers.  (The venture capitalist Mark Maples talked about this in a brilliant talk at the Founders Showcase; the Chegg example starts around 20:50 minutes in, but I’d recommend listening ...
In the field of mathematical software packages, applications such as Wolfram Research\'s Mathematica, and Maplesoft's Maple system instantly spring to mind. These are both highly popular, proprietary, ...
... longer showing up within the root filesystem. The following exmaple command will unmount the partition from the assinged mount mount. umount /mnt/tmp The only argument is the mount point that was used, ...
8. Commercial-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
...  13.1 Maple V Release 4 - The Power Edition 13.2 MATCOM and MATCOM MATH LIBRARY 13.3 Mathematica 3.0 13.4 MATLAB and Simulink 14. Multimedia 14.1 Peter Lipa and his Journeys 14.2 ...
9. Scientific-Computing-with-GNU-Linux
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... was the first of a new breed of computer algebra systems, leading the way for programs such as Maple and Mathematica. This particular variant of Macsyma was maintained by William Schelter from 1982 until ...
10. Unix-Hardware-Buyer-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... exmaple, using SLIP or PPP over a leased line to an Internet provider). In today's market all modems do a nominal 56kbps —V.90 and V.92 plus V.29 or V.17 fax transmission and reception (over plain old ...
11. ZIP-Drive
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... make sure you set the permissions. For exmaple chmod 666 /zip . You must do the chmod as root. The fstab entries also assume that your dos disks are partitioned as 4 (sda4 in my case), and the ext2(linux) ...
12. Video on Linux
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... exmaple is specifically designed so that it could run well as a Live CD. Editing As plentiful as video playback choices are for the Linux user, it is only half of the landscape. Should you want to ...
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