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1. HPC Research Projects Find Muscle in Linux Lab Partner
(High Performance /High-Performance)
... to the comp.os.minix Usenet newsgroup on 25 August 1991: "Hello everybody out there using minix - I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) ...
2. The Compiler That Changed the World Turns 25
(Featured Blogs/Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier)
... on March 22, 1987. It had 48 releases between the 0.9 release and 1.40, which came out on June 1, 1991. Torvalds announced that he was working on Linux in July 1991, using Minix and GCC 1.40. The ...
3. GNU/Linux operativni sistem i distribucije
(Community Blogs/General Linux)
Koristim Linux veƒá skoro deceniju, a u poslednje vreme sve više ljudi oko mene istra≈æuje razne distribucije, pa reših da ka≈æem što šta na tu temu. Naime, danas meƒëu cyber ...
4. Ecology-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... requirements). If you like, you may use¬†Minix, one of the predecessors of Linux. Minix supports 8088 to 286 with as little as 640K memory. 8.1.2. Linux Applications for Old Computers RULE Hardware ...
... used Minix on an old T-1100 Toshiba with dual floppies and an early LCD screen. Command line for everything, anyone? The latest laptops and Linux offerings have absolutely amazing capabilities and features. ...
6. Assembly-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... minix object file format, which is not supported by the GNU binutils or anything, and it has a few bugs in 32-bit mode, so you really should better keep it only for compiling Linux. Using ...
7. BootPrompt-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... list of fs types that will be tried for a match when trying to mount the root filesystem. This list will be used instead of the internal default which usually starts with ext2, minix and the like. The ...
8. Ext2fs-Undeletion
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... and minix file systems, and even for xia file systems (though xia support is no longer available in 2.1.x and 2.2.x kernels). It has some features for assisting undeletion, both by walking the block list ...
9. Filesystems-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
...  9.13 JFS - Journaled filesystem (HP-UX, AIX, OS/2 5, Linux) 9.14 LFS - Linux log structured filesystem 9.15 MFS - Macintosh filesystem 9.16 Minix filesystem 9.17 NWFS - Novell NetWare filesystem ...
10. From-PowerUp-To-Bash-Prompt-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... supports other kinds of filesystem too: msdos, vfat, minix and so on. The details of the specific kind of filesystem are abstracted away by the virtual file system (VFS). I won't go into any detail on ...
11. Ftape-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... is extremely small (approx 62Kbytes), and yet very bash compatible. The /etc/fstab you include on your floppy disk should look something like this: /dev/fd0 / minix defaults  ...
12. LILO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
...  I made the lilo floppy like so: fdformat /dev/fd0H1440 # lay tracks on virgin diskette mkfs -t minix /dev/fd0 1440 # make file system of type minix mount /dev/fd0 /mnt # mount ...
13. Module-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
...  sonycd535 address of the base I/O port the driver is to drive. 15.6. Filesystem Drivers 15.6.1. minix: Minix filesystem driver Example: modprobe minix There are no ...
14. Multi-Disk-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... system for every day use for most kinds of files, reflecting available features in the OS such as permission flags, protection and recovery. minix This was the original fs for Linux, back in the ...
15. Partition
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... partitions, creating a type clash with Linux/Minix at that time, but neither Linux/Minix nor DR-DOS are widely used any more. OS/2 marks its partitions with a 0x07 type and so does Windows NT's NTFS. ...
16. Reading-List-HOWTO
(Learn Linux/How Tos)
... ISBN 0-13-638677-6, 940pp., Prentice-Hall. Alan Cox likes this book. Tanenbaum designed Minix, which is the system Linus bootstrapped Linux up from. Order here. The Linux kernel The ...
... has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready. I'd like any feedback on things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file-system (due to ...
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