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2. Big-Volume Filesystems?
(CommunityAnswers / Enterprise)
3. Survey: What are the Best Open Source Cloud Projects?
(Enterprise Computing/Cloud Computing)
... - a cross-platform software hypervisor that runs on platforms such as BSD, Linux and Solaris. Xen was originally written at the University of Cambridge by a team led by Ian Pratt and is now a Linux Foundation ...
4. Docker Gets a New Release and a New Nod of Approval
(Enterprise Computing/Cloud Computing)
... surrounding each container, making it possible for Docker to take advantage of isolation tools including OpenVZ, systemd-nspawn, libvirt-lxc, libvirt-sandbox, qemu/kvm, BSD Jails, Solaris Zones and even ...
... With the recent version 0.9 release, Docker announced the infrastructure support to glue the two together, along with KVM, OpenVZ, Solaris Zones, and nearly any other environment for application isolation ...
... many years. Solaris Zones was pioneering software created by Sun Microsystems over 10 years ago. Docker takes the concept of containers a little further and modernizes it. It does not come ...
... of a socket wrapper, NSS module wrapper (users, groups, hosts), and a (s)uid wrapper with support for GNU/Linux, BSD and Solaris.   The origin of these wrappers is the Samba project, where the ...
8. 5 VirtualBox Tips: How to Install Linux and More
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... all the major operating systems. A Type 2 Hypervisor requires a host operating system to install on, and VirtualBox can be installed on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows. Then you can run any of these ...
9. Samba: Less Important Because Windows is Less Important
(Enterprise Computing/Systems Management )
... Samba remains the key component for interaction between different versions of Windows on one hand, and Linux, BSD variants, Solaris, AIX, and other Unix-based systems on the other. Samba also supports ...
10. Weekend Project: Get to Know Btrfs
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
The Butter/Better/B-tree Filesystem, Btrfs, is supposedly destined to become the default Linux filesystem. What makes it special, and what's wrong with good old tried-and-true Ext2/3/4? The ...
11. Chatting with Peter Tait of Lucid Imagination
(Community Blogs/Business (or Enterprise))
... supporting Java, so you can use Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS and the indexes are portable across platforms. The product includes integrated client API's for JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP, Java, ...
12. FreeNAS 8.0 Simplifies Storage
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... copy-on-write transactions, and logical volume management. It originated in Sun's OpenSolaris, but has since been ported to other operating systems. ZFS volumes can be fully managed from the Web admin ...
13. The Importance of Isolation
(Technology Feature/Security)
... has a short guide for mixing it up with Linux and Solaris, or this guide for Linux IPSec and Windows XP. It's possible to implement IPSec across platforms without anything but the tools available natively, ...
14. Explanation of Firewalls
(Community Blogs/Desktops)
... Firewall MS windows Software Stateful No $39.95 USD + subscription MS ISA Server MS Windows Server Software/Application Stateless No $1,499+ USD Squid Linux, BSD, Solaris, windows Software/Application ...
15. KVM or Xen? Choosing a Virtualization Platform
(Enterprise Computing/Systems Management )
... and Xen Xen is a hypervisor that supports x86, x86_64, Itanium, and ARM architectures, and can run Linux, Windows, Solaris, and some of the BSDs as guests on their supported CPU architectures. It's ...
... systems, such as Linux, MacOS X, Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, and even Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  Pulse Audio uses a sound server to receive and process all audio streams, even those coming over the ...
... 9.0.262 and 10.0.x and 9.0.x for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris; In the case of Adobe Reader and Acrobat, the versions 9.3.2 and older to 9.0.x for Windows, Mac and UNIX. The Version 10.1 RC for Flash ...
... for example. In some configurations, you can run Linux and Solaris/OpenSolaris using Solaris Zones, but for Linux virtualization, you're limited to running Linux guests on a Linux host. You're ...
... -B zfs-bootfs=rpool/ROOT/opensolaris,bootpath=/xpvd/xdf@51712:a</cmdline>   </os>   <clock offset='utc'/>   <on_poweroff>destroy</on_poweroff>   <on_reboot>destroy</on_reboot> ...
20. Today's Guide to Linux Virtualization
(Enterprise Computing/Systems Management )
... using FreeBSD, there's jails, and if you're using Solaris/OpenSolaris then there's Zones. What's the practical difference? Using a full virtualization solution you'll be able to ...
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