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3. What linux flavor would work on a Dell inspiron 2650?
(CommunityAnswers / Distributions)
4. Where can I get a dual boot download?
(CommunityAnswers / Desktop)
5. how can I install adobe cs3 suit con Ubuntu?
(CommunityAnswers / Internet)
6. Improved Patch Tackles New Shellshock Bash Bug Attack Vectors
(Enterprise Computing/Systems Management )
... that addresses additional attack vectors. System administrators who spent last week making sure their computers are patched against Shellshock, a critical vulnerability in the Bash Unix command-line ...
7. Protect yourself from the big bad shellshock
(Community Blogs/General Linux)
...  ...
8. Running Your Business on Linux (No, You Don't Need Windows)
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... this goofy idea that Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, Windows Server, SQL Server, and all the other members of the lardy malware vector family are the only proper business backends. They have this ...
...  How to install Gimp on Linux sudo apt-get install gimp INKSCAPE Inkscape is an open source vector editor. Though the UI looks ugliest for some people, however I found this tool very powerful ...
10. Create Vector Graphics with Open Source Software
(Community Blogs/General Linux)
This article identifies the finest open source vector graphics editors. Vector editors are ideal for technical illustrations, diagramming, flowcharting, artistic illustrations, promotional posters, banners, ...
11. Development Release: VectorLinux 7.1 RC1
Robert Lange has announced the first release candidate of VectorLinux Linux 7.1, a fast, light-weight Linux distribution that is designed to work well on older hardware. Robert Lange has announced ...
... a PC or laptop with it already installed. Though we must give credit where it is due and recognize that Windows is a superior malware vector that supports a thriving multi-billion dollar security industry, ...
13. Are Cloud Operating Systems the Next Big Thing?
(Enterprise Computing/Cloud Computing)
... for a Cloud Operating System is smaller than in the case of a general purpose OS, an attack vector through the Language runtime is harder and less likely. You may argue, that such an attacker could then ...
Shutterstock has a nearly insatiable appetite for data storage. From its inception, the company -- a global provider of licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations and videos -- refused to pay higher ...
Speed is essential in multimedia, graphics and signal processing. Sometimes programmers resort to assembly language to get every last bit of speed out of their machines. GCC offers an intermediate between ...
16. VectorLinux: A Desktop That's Slim, Sleek and Speedy
(DistributionCentral/Distribution News)
The VectorLinux distro does an impressive job of blending a traditional Linux environment with the performance of other more mainstream offerings. VectorLinux is not a newcomer to the Linux desktop world. ...
17. Build A Serious Multimedia Production Workstation With Arch Linux
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... multiple directions, with changing light. Don't forget Inkscape, the advanced vector graphics drawing program, and CinePaint, the excellent GIMP fork for creating and editing high-resolution (8-bit, ...
... and its versions such as CAMM-HPGL (Roland). So the job is, essentially, to take a vector graphics file and convert... Libre Graphics World is running a comparison of Linux applications used to drive ...
...  GeoGebra (geometry and algebra) K3DSurf (3D surface generator) Xfig (vector graphics) XPPAUT (differential equation solver) IFS Tools (create Iterated Function System fractals) KmPlot (mathematical ...
20. 7 More Heroes of Linux
(Learn Linux/Linux How to and Tutorials)
... in its early days (figure 1). Wolvix, NimbleX, Frugalware, Slackintosh, and Vector Linux are some of the more popular Slackware derivatives. Figure 2: The Slackware family tree. (Image courtesy Andreas ...
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