Samsung Launches Artik Open IDE and Cloud Platform

At the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco last week, Samsung was all about the Internet of Things (IoT), but surprisingly, much of did not revolve...
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Ubuntu 16.04 Review: What’s New for Desktop Users

Ubuntu 16.04 was announced recently, and, as a Long Term Support (LTS) release, the primary focus is on enterprise users. That doesn’t mean there is nothing...
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Linux or Bust: Why Businesses Can’t Ignore This Growing Trend

It used to be a clear sign of geekiness. People who were into Linux would rave about its benefits and flexibility…as long as you knew how to install your own...
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The view from Collaboration Summit 2016 in Lake Tahoe, California.

RedMonk Analyst: Open Source is Good for Business [Video]

The technology industry is changing fast – much faster than we've seen in the past – due to the proliferation of high quality, free and open source software,...
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openSUSE Tumbleweed Prepares for GCC 6, Users Get Linux Kernel 4.5.2, Mesa 11.2

The openSUSE Project today, May 4, 2016, published details about the latest major open-source components that landed in the main software repositories of the...
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Scalable CI/CD with Jenkins and Nomad

With the onset of cluster schedulers we are leaving behind statically configured platforms. No longer do we know upfront where our workloads will be running....
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The Linux Embedded Development Environment Launches

Developers introduce LEDE, a reboot of the OpenWrt community. "We are building an embedded Linux distribution that makes it easy for developers, system...
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