Moving Persistent Data Out of Redis

Historically, we have used Redis in two ways at GitHub: We used it as an LRU cache to conveniently store the results of expensive computations over data...
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Public Cloud on the Rise While Private Cloud Usage Declines

The use of public clouds has nearly doubled to 57 percent from 30 percent since 2012, while private cloud use has dropped to 40 percent from 52 percent,...
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17 Essential Skills for Growing Performance Engineers

Performance engineering as a discipline goes back several decades. I’ve heard firsthand accounts of testing and optimization of software from the 1960s. Still...
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Quick jump to start NodeJS development on LTPS boards

Unlike Node.js, Git and Python 2.7, NPM is not installed on each LTPS by default. To install it, you should connect to the LTPP board from an SSH client and do...
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Writing SELinux Modules

SELinux struggles to cast off its image as difficult to maintain and the cause of potential application problems. Yet in recent years, much has changed for the...
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A Quick Guide to Network Administrator Course and Jobs

A career in network administration is full of opportunities today. With the world becoming more digitalized and the emergence of a booming IT industry, there...
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Let's Encrypt

3 Lessons in Web Encryption from Let’s Encrypt

As exciting as 2016 was for encryption on the Web, 2017 seems set to be an even more incredible year. Much of the infrastructure and many of the plans...
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