OCI’s Push For Open Container Standards Continues in 2017

Chris Aniszczyk is The Linux Foundation’s Vice President of Developer Relations and Programs where he serves as the Executive Director of the Open Container...
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Computer security

How to Keep Hackers out of Your Linux Machine Part 3: Your Questions Answered

Articles one and two in this series covered the five easiest ways to keep hackers out of your Linux machine, and know if they have made it in. This time, I’ll...
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Christopher Lameter and Fernando Garcia

The World of 100G Networking

Capacity and speed requirements keep increasing for networking, but going from where are now to 100G networking isn’t a trivial matter, as Christopher Lameter...
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configuration management

4 Configuration Management Tools for DevOps

In the past, maintaining technology infrastructure, deploying applications, and provisioning environments involved many manual, iterative tasks. But in today’s...
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grep tutorial

Finding Interesting Documents with grep

The grep command is a very powerful way to find documents on your computer. You can use grep to see if a file contains a word or use one of many forms of...
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9 Tips to Properly Configure your OpenStack Instance

In OpenStack jargon, an Instance is a Virtual Machine, the guest workload. It boots from an operating system image, and it is configured with a certain amount...
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Shell Scripting: An Introduction to the Shift Method and Custom Functions

In Getting started with shell scripting, I covered the basics of shell scripting by creating a pretty handy "despacer" script to remove bothersome spaces from...
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