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YouTube for Android tests showing a recommended Google Search result when searching in YouTube

Following the recent rollout of the new Bedtime Reminders feature in YouTube for Android, Google has now started testing a new feature that will show search results from the web within the app. Google appears to be rolling out this new feature for some users via a server-side update.

Read More at XDA Developershe feature was recently spotted by Reddit user u/TheMrIggs when he searched “open beer with knife” in the YouTube app.

Linux-creator Linus Torvalds joins Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips in embracing AMD over Intel

Believe it or not, yet another Linus (no, not Linus van Pelt from Peanuts) is jumping to AMD, and this time it is probably a bigger deal than Sebastian’s current change of allegiance. Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, is no longer using an Intel CPU on his main computer.

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GNOME gets big open-source patent win

In a surprise move, GNOME, makers of the popular Linux desktop of the same name, won not only a release and covenant not to be sued for any Rothschild patent but a release and covenant to any software that is released under an existing Open Source Initiative approved license.

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Raising the ground

Want to create a program that displays an isometric grid receiving a file with coordinates in it? Well, Fredy Acuña from the Holberton School, a college alternative for training software engineers, is here to help you out. It is recommended to be familiar with C programming language and basics about SDL2.

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Is Open Source the Way Forward for SD-WAN?

Speaking during a recent webinar, Slaymaker joined flexiWAN Founder and CEO Amir Zmora, whose company is the first to develop and launch an open source SD-WAN platform, in discussing the state of the SD-WAN market. They specifically discussed how an open source approach can address the technology’s most pressing challenges.

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Android gets new accessibility features, including Google Assistant-powered Action Blocks

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google is announcing a few updates to its suite of accessibility features for Android. The biggest one is the final, public release of Action Blocks. Google is also adding features to Live Transcribe, Bluetooth support to Sound Amplify, and better navigation options to Voice Access.

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Linux 5.8 Set To Optionally Flush The L1d Cache On Context Switch To Increase Security

The Linux kernel patches that have been spearheaded by Amazon AWS engineers to optionally flush the L1 data cache on each context switch have now been queued in the x86/mm branch ahead of the upcoming Linux 5.8 kernel cycle.

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CrowdStrike Falcon bolsters Linux protection with ML prevention, custom and dynamic IoAs

CrowdStrike Falcon platform is bolstering its Linux protection capabilities with additional features, including machine learning prevention, custom Indicators of Attack (IoAs) and dynamic IoAs. CrowdStrike delivers breach prevention and visibility from its cloud-delivered platform via a single lightweight agent that supports endpoints and cloud workloads on all platforms.

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Keeping open-source groups alive: FOSS Responders

Open source is doing great, but some open-source groups are getting knocked around by the pandemic. That’s where the newly formed FOSS Responders come in. It’s actually a group of open source leaders from companies like Indeed, Facebook, Google, Red Hat, GitHub, GitLab, etc.

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Check Point fixes a 20-year-old Linux security issue

For around two decades now, hackers have exploited the design of the memory management system used by Linux programs in order to take control of a target’s computer. Now researchers at Check Point have introduced a new security mechanism for Linux users called ‘safe-linking’ which means attackers will need more than one vulnerability in order to take over the program.

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