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Judge rejects spammers' request

Author: JT Smith A judge has turned down an Internet polling company's request that it be immediately removed from a nonprofit group's blacklist of businesses...
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Former Go Network executive sentenced

Author: JT Smith A former Disney Internet executive has been sentenced to nine months in home detention for crossing state lines intending to have sex with a...
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More women online than men

Author: JT Smith For the first time, women have passed men as the majority group online, according to a new survey.
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First Turkish Linux magazine debuts

Author: JT Smith GNU Linux will target end users and corporate members, and will support its readers through its web site with updated information from all...
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America Online disables MP3 search engine

Author: JT Smith America Online Inc. on Thursday pulled the plug on a search engine for music files in the popular MP3 format, which the recording industry...
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Adobe Sues Macromedia Over Patent

Author: JT Smith Adobe is suing Macromedia over its Flash 5.0 software, claiming it is in violation of an Adobe patent.
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Reno Orders Review of FBI's "Carnivore" E-Mail Reading Software

Author: JT Smith US Attorney General, Janet Reno, has ordered a review of the FBI's controversial "Carnivore" e-mail surveillance system.
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