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Napster being two-faced?

Author: JT Smith While Napster encourages the sharing of music, it's not happy when other Web sites try to use its technology, according to a ZDNet story....
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Conference looks for standardized open-source docu...

Author: JT Smith reporting on the Open Documentation Summit: DocBook/XML should be the standarized format for open source documentation.
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Using NetBSD: Installing and setting up a PPP Inte

Author: JT Smith In this series, Ralph Krause shares his experiences installing NetBSD, setting up an Internet connection via PPP, using a printer, and...
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IBM Invests $200 million in Linux

Author: JT Smith IBM and Intel are investing $200 million in linux to help companies port their software. Category: Open Source
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Microsoft Switches Hotmail to Home-Grown Win2K

Author: JT Smith BSD Today is reporting on Hotmail's switch from FreeBSD to Windows 2000.
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O'Reilly Open Source Conference

Author: JT Smith Phil Hughes tells us of theO'Reilly Open Source Conference.
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Ongoing Poll: "What do you value most about open source?"

Author: JT Smith A poll: "The picture is now starting to come into focus -- and the results are surprisingly different from what...
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