Debian developer wins gold in Salt Lake City

Author: JT Smith Debian Planet reports that a Debian developer has won two gold medals at this year's Paralympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.
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MandrakeSoft, here we go again

Author: JT Smith - By Jack Bryar - I love MandrakeSoft. I love its product. I think its software team is great, but the company's recent "strategy" of...
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Linux group plots business desktop domination

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes " carries a story that a pressure group called OpenForum Europe has been created to speed the take-up of...
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Author: JT Smith LPH writes "Just thought NewsForge readers would be interested in an email sent out by Michael Robertson. It appears they are about ready for...
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NetBSD at the 4th Chemnitz Linux-day: a daemon among penguins

Author: JT Smith From BSD Today: "March 9/10 was a big "Linux" event at the university of Chemnitz, Germany. About 1500 attendees visited technical sessions in...
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LinuxQuestions Members Choice Awards: KDE kleans up

Author: JT Smith Dre writes, "The Dot is running a story about's Linux desktop poll, in which KDE made a great showing. It came in first in...
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The need for Linux marketing

Author: JT Smith Joe writes: "Taken from a thread at: c=8201&forum=12&4. Linux software is in the...
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