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5NINE announces

Author: JT Smith 5NINE, the leading developer of Wireless Data Infrastructure (WIS/I) technology for Linux, today announced the launch of, an...
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Netscape's Open Directory Project expands

Author: JT Smith The first Internet directory search service built by the Web community at large, the Open Directory Project now offers more than 2,000,000...
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Cobalt Networks to bundle VERITAS software with server appliance

Author: JT Smith "The agreement between VERITAS Software and Cobalt offers an excellent opportunity for the customers of both companies to have access to...
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Linuxcare gives seal of approval to HP NetServer systems and business desktop PCs

Author: JT Smith Linuxcare Labs is certifying all current HP NetServer systems on the following Linux distributions: Caldera eServer, Debian, Red Hat, SuSE...
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Beware of geeks bearing gifts

Author: JT Smith From "Microsoft can lower the price of Windows Me and give it a few great features, but it can't fundamentally make Me a better...
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Trolltech launches Qt/Embedded

Author: JT Smith Trolltech announced today the launch of Qt/Embedded, their graphical user interface (GUI) application framework and windowing system for...
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API's strategic partnerships ensure Alpha Linux market growth

Author: JT Smith API (Alpha Processor, Inc.), a leading developer of high-performance solutions for high-bandwidth and compute-intensive applications, today...
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