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HP expands commitment to Linux USED EARLIER

Author: JT Smith Hewlett-Packard Company today expanded its commitment to Linux as a strategic operating system, unveiling a number of products and services as...
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Perle Systems to offer dial-out modem pooling client...

Author: JT Smith The new client allows Linux-based users to share modems with other Linux, Windows 95/98, NT and 2000 workstations on their network.
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AT&T completes investment in Net2Phone

Author: JT Smith Net2Phone Inc. has announced that AT&T completed their investment of $1.4 billion in Net2Phone, a leading provider of voice enhanced...
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Baymountain unveils BayCluster Linux server solution

Author: JT Smith Baymountain, Inc., a provider of Linux-based ASP services announced today that it will unveil a unique Linux-based server solution called...
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Visionary software applications for wireless devices at Conference 2000

Author: JT Smith At Motorola's four-day conference, the messaging group will exhibit conceptual software applications, designed to underscore the future...
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Red Hat and Caldera: Top Linux contenders?

Author: JT Smith ZDNet News pronounces Caldera and Red Hat as the most likely distributions to come out on top in an industry it says is ripe for consolidation...
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Linux Media Arts to design HDTV solution for Linux

Author: JT Smith The company is taking orders now for the video interface, according to a press release at LinuxPR.
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