Author: Benjamin D. Thomas User friendly and fast (Pentium optimizations), Mandrake features many graphical interfaces (KDE, GNOME, WindowMaker, AfterStep,...
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Caldera OpenLinux

Author: Benjamin D. Thomas Caldera Systems, Inc. is the leader in providing Linux®-based business solutions through its award-winning OpenLinux line of...
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Phat Linux

Author: Benjamin D. Thomas Phat Linux is the best Distribution of Linux for new users. It is easily installed on your DOS or Windows partition. It comes...
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Yellow Dog Linux

Author: Benjamin D. Thomas Yellow Dog Linux takes advantage of the most current, stable, and secure Linux kernel and libraries, and best of all, some of the...
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Red Hat Linux

Author: Benjamin D. Thomas Founded in 1994, Red Hat is a leader in the development of Linux-based operating system (OS) software and services. Based in...
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