Richard Briggs

Understanding and Securing Linux Namespaces

Richard Guy Briggs, a kernel security engineer and Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, talked about the current state of Kernel Audit and Linux Namespaces at...
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Solving Enterprise Monitoring Issues with Prometheus

Chicago-based ShuttleCloud helps developers import user contacts and email data into their applications through standard API requests. As the venture-backed...
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WTF Is a Container?

You can’t go to a developer conference today and not hear about software containers: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos and a bunch of other names with a nautical ring...
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Industrial Internet of Things Set to Rocket Towards 100bn Devices

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is most often discussed in terms of consumer devices and products. But if you take a second to consider...
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OpenStack & Private Cloud, at Scale, Are Cheaper Than Public Cloud

Beyond a certain scale, commercial private clouds and OpenStack distributions are cheaper than public clouds, according to the latest Cloud Price Index from ...
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InfraKit Hello World

Docker just shipped InfraKit a few days ago at LinuxCon and, while at the Docker Distributed Systems Summit, I wanted to see if I could get a hello world...
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Software-Defined Networking Puts Network Managers in the Driver's Seat

SDNs can help organizations keep up with evolving network demands in an app-centric IT environment and give network managers much more flexibility. The...
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