Container orchestration tools help enterprises integrate and manage containers at scale.

8 Container Orchestration Tools to Know

A previous article on next-generation cloud technologies listed container orchestration as one of the emerging technologies to know. As the use of containers...
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Linux Lite is incredibly easy to use

Linux Lite 3: The Ideal Platform for Old Hardware and New Users

One of the greatest aspects of Linux is its flexibility—it can be whatever you need it to be. It can be a massive server for big data, a desktop for rendering...
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Ubuntu Budgie

Which Official Ubuntu Flavor Is Best for You?

Ubuntu Linux comes in a few officially recognized flavors, as well as several derivative distributions. The recognized flavors are: Kubuntu - Ubuntu with the...
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Dirty Cow vulnerability

How Bad Is Dirty COW?

“Dirty COW” is a serious Linux kernel vulnerability that was recently discovered to have been lurking in the code for more than nine years. It is pretty much...
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endless os

Endless OS: A Unique Take on Linux That’s Perfect for New Users

You may not have heard of Endless OS. It happens to be the platform that powers Endless Computers (which includes the uniquely shaped, Endless One). The...
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Linux desktops 2017

5 Linux Desktop Environments on the Rise for 2017

With each passing year, the Linux desktop ecosystem shifts and morphs from one darling to the next. Although it’s sometimes challenging to tell, from month to...
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Remix OS

Remix OS: Is This the Droid You Were Looking For?

Ever wanted to try Android on your PC but there weren’t any really usable projects? Now you can. Remix OS is an Android based operating system that’s designed...
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