Why Arguing That Windows is Better Than Linux Makes You Look Silly

It seems as though you can't throw a rock on the internet without hitting an article which argues for the superiority of Windows over Linux. With titles like...
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How to Install and Try Linux the Absolutely Easiest and Safest Way

In this follow up to Replace the Retiring Windows XP with Linux we're going learn the easiest and most foolproof way to install and run Xubuntu Linux 12.04...
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Elementary OS Loki

Elementary OS Loki Has Arrived

I’ve been a big fan of Elementary OS Freya since it released in 2015. So, when I heard the developers had released the beta of the next iteration, Loki, into...
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Front end tooling simplified

A Modern Day Front-End Development Stack

Application development methodologies have seen a lot of change in recent years. With the rise and adoption of microservice architectures, cloud computing,...
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Set Up a CI/CD Pipeline with Kubernetes Part 1: Overview

The software industry is rapidly seeing the value of using containers as a way to ease development, deployment, and environment orchestration for app...
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Myth Busting: Is Linux Immune to Viruses?

In a word, "no." Any computer that is attached to a network is not immune to viruses. But, as with everything else, it's relative. If you compare the...
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Install and Configure a Postfix Mail Server

  There are a number of reasons why you would want to set up your own Linux mail server. You are in a company that has needs for a more reliable mail...
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