LynxOS 4.0 attains "holy grail" of Linux ABI compatibility

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes "Delivering on a promise made in November 1999, LynuxWorks today unveiled a major upgrade to its LynxOS real-time...
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Mandrake 8.2 Release Candidate 1 out

Author: JT Smith SimDan writes, "After four beta relases RC1 has been released. From the web site: 'Soon the final version will be here. The first Release...
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Let Windows die

Author: JT Smith NewsFactor Network writes, "So, what would happen if Microsoft pulled Windows? The server world would continue, and the desktop world could...
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TuxBox game tutorial released

Author: JT Smith vmlinuz writes, "After counless hours of work, here is the TuxBox Game Tutorial. Very early version of course, but it should teach you how...
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Linux-related stocks rally Monday

Author: JT Smith On news that IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and Compaq Computer saying they'll support the Gnome Foundation, several Linux-related...
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Author: JT Smith From LinuxPR: Linux League Commissioner and weekly contributor, Francis Gaskins, hosts a panel of guests Monday to review...
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Opinion: What do Linux, classical music have in common?

Author: JT Smith Linux adminstrator Russell Miller compares Linux zealots to fans of classical music, in
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