Walmart OSS

This Week in Open Source News: Wal-Mart Joins OSS Revolution, Latest Linux Version Integrated Into Android, & More

1) Wal-Mart announces they will make their application lifecycle management tool available as an open source project. Wal-Mart Proves Open Source Is Big...
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LF events

Learn from the Experts at The Linux Foundation’s Europe Events

The Linux Foundation has released session details for three major conferences coming up this fall: MesosCon Europe, Embedded Linux Conference / OpenIoT Summit...
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Pwnie Express Makes IoT, Android Security Arsenal Open Source

Pwnie Express has given the keys to software used to secure the Internet of Things (IoT) and Android software to the open-source community. The Internet of...
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Guake terminal emulator

3 Unique Takes on the Linux Terminal at Your Command

When I first started on my journey with Linux, back in the late 1990s, there was one inevitability: the terminal. You couldn’t escape it. The command line was...
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Homegrown Budgie Desktop Shows Off the Beauty - and Beastliness - of Solus Simplicity

The Solus Project version 1.2, released last month, shows considerable maturity in the homegrown Budgie desktop. Solus 1.2 is the second minor release in the...
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Google Beefs Up Linux Kernel Defenses in Android

Future versions of Android will be more resilient to exploits thanks to developers' efforts to integrate the latest Linux kernel defenses into the operating...
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OpsDev Is Coming

OpsDev means that the dependencies of the various application components must be understood and modeled first before the development process begins.  Apple is...
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