This Week in Open Source News: Challenging the Microsoft Challengers, Fedora 25 Makes Linux Easy, & More

This week in open source and Linux news, Steven J. Vaughan-NIchols challenges the critics of the new Linux Foundation-Microsoft membership news, Fedora 25 is...
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Parrot Security

Parrot Security Could Be Your Next Security Tool

Network and security administrators rely heavily on their tools. Without the right tools, that brilliant mind can only do so much. But what tools are the best...
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L-society at LinuxCon Europe 2016

10 Great Moments from Linux Foundation 2016 Events

This year, more than 20,000 tech professionals gathered at 150 Linux Foundation events worldwide to learn and share open source technologies and best practices...
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Monitoring Software: The Market Lines Are Blurry

Who is the market leader in IT monitoring? You won’t find the answer to that question in this article. With a wide range of functionality being offered for...
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Atlassian: “DevOps Is the New Normal”

“DevOps isn’t any single person’s job — it’s everyone’s job.” What does DevOps mean for Atlassian and what shapes the company culture? How do departments...
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Blue-Green Deployments for Serverless Powered Applications on AWS

First described by Martin Fowler back in 2010, blue-green deployment is a release technique that reduces downtime and risk by running two identical production...
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What's New in OpenStack in 2016: A Look at the Newton Release

OpenStack is on a six-month release cycle, with each release given a code name starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. On October 7th, OpenStack...
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