AT&T Will Launch SDN Service in 63 Countries Simultaneously This Year, de la Vega Says


AT&T has some grand plans for its growing SDN-enabled network, one that will see the provider launch the new service in multiple countries.

Ralph de la Vega, vice chairman of AT&T and CEO of AT&T Business Solutions and AT&T International, told investors during the 44th Annual JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference that while he could not name the service yet, it’s something that the company could not have achieved on traditional hardware architectures.

“I am not going to give you the actual name of the service, but I will tell you later this year, we’re going to launch a service on that software defined network that is going to hit 63 countries at the same time, on the same day,” de la Vega said. “You show me a way to do that with a physical network and I would say ‘the chances of making that happen are very small.'”

It’s likely the new SDN-enabled service is related to its business services line, something that AT&T has been touting for its Ethernet and managed security offerings.  

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